Another successful FDA inspection at Alpex Pharma SA

On May 2017 Alpex Pharma has successfully passed a GMP inspection by US FDA and the outcome once more was satisfactory....

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1988 The company started in 1988 under the name Aesculapius Pharma.
1992 In 1992 Aesculapius Pharma was acquired by Elan Corporation PLC and since the acquisition heavy investement have been made in R&D (fast melt technology) and manufacturing facility.
1998 The first fast melt nutritional product was commercialised in 1998.
2001 The first fast melt pharmaceutical product was commercialised in 2001.
2004 In 2004, the majority of capital shares of the company was aquired by funds managed by Sanders Morris Harris, USA, and changed the name to Alpex Pharma
2007 Capital increase and entrance of BB Biotech fund in the Alpex’s capital.